Israel-Bahrain Chamber of Commerce is a Non-Governmental, privately held firm owned by Kitaki Venture Capital Bahrain, and its purpose is to serve as a bridge to leverage business opportunities between Israel and Bahrain, to strengthen civil-commercial cooperation, and to strengthen the closeness between the nations.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in implementing great ideas. And we will not stop until that happens. In a sense, it is the spark we have in our eyes when we see the space of possibilities that the new reality in the Middle East allows us. We are strategists with government and business go-to-market strategy experience and with us, you have all the resources to succeed.

Our Commitment to Results

We place a high value on business experience and proven results. Hence our team and associated partners have been chosen from a wide variety of business backgrounds and have worked at senior levels in their fields of expertise for a number of years both on a local and global scale.

Our Philosophy

At the core of our philosophy are two cornerstones: First, we promote projects that have a clear goal of promoting the growth and development of humanity. We are here to do good. Second, strategic management is the working heart of any business success. We live and breathe managerial excellence because, without proper management, there is no basis for success.

Our Experience

The experience of the founding team and of our partners is multidisciplinary and mostly concerns strategic aspects of building an effective course of action to achieve short- and long-term goals. We have extensive local knowledge and the ability to navigate the needs of the two countries, Israel and Bahrain.

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The Team

The common denominator of our team is unceasing passion, endless curiosity, and striving for excellence to put great things into practice.

Lev Mikulitski, BS.c, M.B.A


Business Growth Strategist,

Startup Advisor, an Author of several personal growth books, and a general partner with Kitaki Venture Capital firm with offices in India, Singapore, Israel, and Bahrain. 

Phone: +972-54-8363156

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